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Tracey's Writing Journal

Insanity is rampant here. Run while you can.

~The Muses Own Me~
Updated bio o' fun...

Name's Tracey. This journal is used as my writing journal. Now, you may be thinking, 'Writing journal? The ---- is that?' - well, let me tell you. If you ask to be added, you will be greeted by the stuff I write. Lots of stuff. And just that. There is no speak of my life here. Basically, this one is just my creative outlet.

Now, what do I write about? Simple. It's mostly LOTR RPS. If you don't know what RPS is, I suggest you look it up before adding me. It definitely means there is massive slash goin' on in my journal. Don't like that stuff? Don't add me. Tellin' ya right now. LMAO. I also write other fandoms, of course, but it's mostly RPS.

Now then....with that said, I will continue by adding that all my stories come with a few things. Rating. Note them. They tell you how graphic the stories are. Warnings - again, note them. If you don't like the stuff I warn about, DON'T READ THE STORY. That simple. ^^ It also comes with pairings, and if it's not RPS, what fandom it's from. All this is before the story. If you press the LJ-cut link, you're reading at your own risk. Remember that.

Before I end this, I will also add that if you add me to bash me, you'll be taken off real quick. ^^ And, possibly giggled at. I love them flamers, after all.

I think that's it. Thanks for reading! XD